Eurasian - luxe wall collection to the trade from AZR Design Group



We are thrilled to introduce the “Eurasian” collection of wall coverings and finishes inspired by the arts and crafts of the continent. Painstakingly handmade and carefully curated this is an amalgam of luxury materials and artisanal techniques. Now available in PDF library format. 


Each of these designs would be suitable for any interior space since all are highly durable and customizable.  The mediums of choice are high-quality fabric, paper, glass, metal leaf, and mineral plasters used in European, Japanese and Middle Eastern cultures   


We view these as attainable stylistic instruments capable of elevating a sophisticated interior to a status of unique. This collection made with the design trade profession in mind for those clients who simply appreciate the artistic touch   


What made us do it?  As we studied and applied the ancient techniques, we were so inspired and started looking for ways to the translate them into a current language of design and architecture . Also learn more about how to use texture in the interior.



Our studio AZR Design group is located in NYC metro area.  Please direct all inquiries to















Who we are:


The AZR Design Group is a decorative arts studio. Founded by two European-born designers committed to their craft. Our primary vision is to create custom-made, art-centered products that designers are proud to use in their projects. We provide interior design, fabricating and installing of unique finishes and art.




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Eurasian - luxe wall collection to the trade from AZR Design Group

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