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About us

The AZR Design Group is an interior design studio that has originated in New York City. It was founded in 1998 by two European-born designers dedicated to their craft. Their primary vision is to design and realize custom-made, elegant interiors for public and private use. They provide seamless interior design services, fabrications, and installations.

In addition, the AZR team creates interior surfaces and decorative art using timeless traditional artisanal techniques and present-time innovative materials.


Drawing inspiration from nature, music, and ethnic cultures, international, historic and contemporary art, AZR combines backgrounds in fine arts and design, interior, industrial, and graphic enabling them to forge tailored spaces of highly detailed quality.


Active collaboration with highly skilled contractors and trade only resources, allows AZR to approach projects with a high standard in services to their customers. The impressive list of hospitality, commercial and residential clients receive their undivided attention and individual approach.

custom chinoisery wallpaper
custom chinoisery wallpaper
atlantic mall mural progress
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