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When all pieces of a puzzle fall into their right place, any space can become a beautiful extension of your personal style.  We provide you the right tools and creative ideas to define your interior design vision. Customized interior design and architectural art services.  We assist you with renovations and new constructions for residential, hospitality, and commercial interiors.   


  • style consultation & budget determination

  • concept & design planning

  • fabrication installation of a completed project

interior design decorating service
plaster mural Eurasian collection commercial and residential design nyc

Exclusive finishes for interior design created by artists. Luxury 3-D and polished Venetian plastering, concrete finish, handmade wallpaper panels, mirror surfaces. Using high-quality natural materials, we produce one of the kind modern and traditional surfaces. Inspired by the classical arts and crafts of the global cultures.  Painstakingly handmade, entirely customizable.


Explore the possibilities of a having a beautifully painted and installed art piece for your space by our professional team of artists.

Ultimately the art is there to please, to instill harmony and create a positive mood. It is a way to improve upon an interior visually. Long-lasting and durable, it creates interest in an otherwise dull space. It exposes the public to the art scene and the artist to the audience. 

Commercial and hospitality companies, often request murals to convey their purpose, to improve customer experience. 

mural commercial and residential design nyc

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We welcome project collaborative partnerships in commercial/residential construction and design industries.

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