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plaster art

Venetian Plaster or (Stucco Veneziano)  it's a highly customizable hand-applied finish that's mineral based. This traditional interior finishing technique was invented in the Roman times. Along with mosaics and frescoes, Romans had perfected this technique better than anyone else. It was built up to make relief or flattened on the walls and columns. Based on lime, clay or marble each provides a unique quality and look. Get a quote 


The versatility of plaster finish - is one of its advantages. It's used in both contemporary and classical setting. It will work virtually on any substrate, even on canvas.  Longevity - It is more lasting than paint or glaze. Dust resistant and mold proof - compounds in stucco paint detract mold and dust.  Hypoallergenic - the formula has changed little since the ancient times, there are only natural "breathing" materials no synthetics. If you are concerned about your living environment this is a great option.  This material is incomparable in look and feel, you'll be pleased with the outcome.

polished plaster

mural art

Mural in an interior is a decorative form of painting executed in many styles and materials, from the abstract graphic shapes textures and colors to impressionistic depictions, to figurative style. Classical painting techniques developed during and prior the renaissance.  Fresco method, mosaics, and gilding are as popular today as they were back then.  The modern style mural has evolved into the use of shapes, textures and 3-D collages, free exploration of the possibilities of abstract art. This evolution is a new norm.  For our clients, we can suggest, design and create custom hand painted murals.