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Anastasia's skills are as diverse as her interests. Coming from an artistic background, she likes to work closely with clients to convert ideas for interiors into substantive lifestyle changes, brands, and experiences.  Anastasia draws her inspiration fuel from fashion, art and design history, travels, and the magnetic energy of working and living in New York.
Born in Kiev, Ukraine, she moved to New York City with her family at a young age. Anastasia showed talent in visual arts, early age, with the guidance of her parents an artist and an engineer.  Having received a degree in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY, she founded AZR Design group as her dream and vision of comprising the elements of art and design as related to space.  Working roles in the lighting, exhibit, and interior design industries shaped her own vision.
Anastasia had a leading role on the team responsible for prestigious landmark restoration projects.  Creating and fabricating artworks for the lobby interiors of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, the Knickerbocker, the Viceroy, the Peninsula and other celebrated spaces nationally and internationally. Having to take on retail, hospitality, and commercial sector,  Anastasia spent a bit of time designing on the smaller scale, assisting private residential clients, and small businesses in reaching their interior design goals.
In Anastasia's point of view designing for home or business is more than just selecting the right pieces, or getting the color scheme on pointe. Client's needs and desires are interpreted and embodied in personalized design, they are walked each extra step of the way to create environments harmonious in purpose and function.  Anastasia is a mother of twins, designer, blogger, and an enthusiastic team leader, who loves forging meaningful relationships with fellow designers, visual artists, industry professionals, and clients.

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