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Our favorite lights for gloomy days


As the holidays are fast approaching and the days are getting shorter in our part of the world, we tend to look to our interior surroundings and get comfortable for the cooler and darker days. Lighting is known to have a major impact on how we perceive our dwelling, how we feel and function. It's one of the most overlooked elements of design. Let's shed some light on it! We want to offer you some ideas on how to correct lighting, to bring out the best of your home and make it more welcoming for the gloomy days.

We love these glamorous and cozy favorites for this season:

This is a list of basic Q&A for laying out lighting for any room:

1. Do the lighting fixtures carry a style well, is there a visual interest and quality that's conveyed?

This is a breaking point for any room. Creating a character with a lighting fixture is a defining point no matter what style you prefer. Choose carefully, size and style matter.

2. What mood should the light create?

This depends on the purpose of the room, your tolerance levels, and color temperature preferences. Think through on how you want to feel, cozy, grand, energized, relaxed? The universal mood creators are dimmer switches, they are an easy investment.

3. What's enough lighting for the tasks to be performed in the room?

This is an important question when it comes to high use rooms such as kitchens. Counter lights, task lights, overhead and local are a must for a great kitchen performance.

4. How much daylight does the room get?

If you know it's not going to be a lot, consider adding more lighting fixtures, under shelf and task lighting may work well in this situation. Mirrored and glossy surfaces are also great natural light amplifiers.

5. What areas of the room need to be accentuated with light?

Sitting or standing areas, desks, special memorabilia, art, and books, musical instruments, make-up, dressing areas, are all local accent light beneficiaries. Just be sure to place your lights wisely so there is no glare. Choose the correct type of lights, cheaper led's, for example, tend to have a very poor color rendering etc.

This very useful chart below created by will give a comprehensive map guide on how to's for every room of the house. Don't treat it as a dogma, be creative and elaborate, sometimes the fixtures can substitute each other. ​​


By: Anastasia Z, For interior design styling and lighting consultations - - 917-627-5295

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