Inviting friends. Cozy table setting to beat the cold ❄️🌟

Picture this:

A midwinter retreat inside a warm and inviting kitchen. Outside, the snow is swirling and tumbling and ticking at the window. Your favorite people arrive with a gust of cold air from the opened door as they shake the snow off their hats and coats. You all gather around the table to savor the richness of the evening. Your moscow mule is always full, as is your heart despite the bitterness of the winter outside….

This is the vision that we dreamt-up for this table setting. From the artisanal antlered candle holders to the hammered copper moscow mules, to the rich hues of the table runner, and handsome copper flatware.

Gathering with friends is just what you need to warm your soul on those long winter nights - creating the perfect setting to enjoy stories, exchange jokes and make some memories!

Happy Holidays and Fun Hosting,

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