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Adding texture - secrets to styling your interior

In continuation of series of discussions about design elements that make up a great interior. This time, we'll concentrate on texture. To learn about choosing color check out my previous post. We agree that texture is so important, and yet it's one of the most overlooked elements. It has more to do with how it feels to touch and we are often concentrated on the right looks. Certainly color, texture, and pattern are the elements that make up our environments and harnessing all three is what makes for a successful interior.

As we know everything in nature is harmonious right? So, we need to bring the harmony of nature indoors. Pretty simple right? Nope, not simple. Interior as opposed to nature is a bound and artificial environment usually with rigid geometry and archetypal details like fireplace mantels or say a guest bathroom. This is a given structure that we need to define ourselves and our yearnings for natures textures. I think, and maybe you disagree, that the human sense of touch is a lot more primal in feeling than even seeing color or seeing pattern. This is why it's harder to put your finger on it, but will give it a try.

The complexity and richness of touch

Instead of going into theory, here is a feng shui-like material formula for a living environment equivalent to a natural setting. How it feels and how to recreate the feels at home. Walls - Think of a cave surface, tree bark. Their texture and temperature, is it the same as latex paint? No, it's smooth, rough cold, warm, you don't need to touch it to remember how it feels. Floor - Smooth stone, wood, grass, moss, pebbles. Appliances & structure- metal symbol of status, safety, reliability, strength smooth, cold or rough. Supports, seating & laying down- sturdy yet soft and warm like a tree stump, or a moss hill, a pile of dry grass, smooth leaves, animal wool, and skins. Light and light filtering - here the pattern comes into play, tree branches clouds, light shining through the water drops. Implications of these elements are what makes for a rich in feeling luxurious environment. Light, moisture fire, earth all combine into it.

HOW TO: You want to make your living environment lush. You are looking to layer or mix the materials and textures in complimentary ways. Consider playing up some walls and surfaces with stone, plaster, wall covering or tiles, moldings and baseboards can be given texture too.

Textiles fabrics and leather - animal and plant based, they offer a slew of textures, knitting and weaving styles, patterns, translucencies, thicknesses, for layering. Here, are just some pairing rules that come into play. if you follow them, all else is up to your imagination. For example choose either highly graphic pattern, or a more textured fabric but you can't do all in one. etc.

Woods and Decorative woods - a long tradition for furniture, paneling, floors, accessories. many possibilities of finishes and patterned inlaying. Wood can be stained, faux wood grained on top of the most ordinary wood, stripped, bleached, aged, reclaimed, gilded.

Stone and Plaster - coming from a plaster master, I don't even want to tell you how many possibilities are there for stone and it's treatments, ceramics, porcelains, and lime plaster applications. The amount of textures that can be achieved here is only comparable to nature.

Metals and Metallics - can serve as functional structural elements, think stair railings, or channel the aesthetic sparkle, think gold leaf covered side table. Surely the function and aesthetics should go hand in hand .

Furniture and Objects - you can create and express texture by using objects. This is the most flexible way to change and refresh your space. This is something easy to achieve even for the design challenged. Layering vases, frames, mirrors, books is common, how about a sculpture found pieces of interest or a painting leaned against the wall, your favorite doll collection, or masks that you brought from your travels the key is grouping and proportions but that's a topic for a whole new discussion. Check out my pins below for textures that make us swoon. Good luck in exploring your tangible world. I’d love to know which textures make you feel complete. Please drop me a line on any social media @azrdesigngroup

Truly yours,

...Coming soon..... "Let's elaborate on pattern"


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